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Hello everyone!

We are Ali & Tami, two bubbly and enthusiastic teachers who share the love for creating and enjoying learning experiences with children. That is how we met and this blog was born.

Enjoy the journey with us!

As a teacher, you are also a learner – learning about language, methodology, people, yourself, life… So, rather than being a teacher, be a learner. Be honest with yourself and actively find ways to learn alongside your students.

Jim Scrivener

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2nd of September-9th of September: 1 week of Happy Faces Summer Camp, Romania


3rd of July – 14th of July: 2 weeks of Summer Camp in Padua, Italy.
Ecosystems, learning about Nature, Animals and Natives. Through this, we’re going to explore Values such as Curiosity, the Relationship with the Others, and Sharing.

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English Summer Camp '17 (2)


12th of June – 17 of July. 1 week of Tummylicious Summer Camp in Venize, Italy

5 zesty and bubbly days of Summer Camp in the countryside of Venice, bringing awareness of what is Healthy for our tummy, the Farm LifeNutrients of foodHealthy habits and Sports.