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Day 4. Arriving to the Rainforest. 6th July 2017

  6th July 2017, Matt 7.45 A.M. Backyard n.1, ground floor school complex ‘Vanzo’. Teachers Matt and Tami are ready to greet kids and parents. “Can we play hide and seek, Teacher Tom?” Martina asks  Matt, calling him purposely the name she thinks is more suitable for him. “No, thank you Martina, I don’t want…… Continue reading Day 4. Arriving to the Rainforest. 6th July 2017

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Rumbo en Carolina del Sur

English version here Si yo me voy de viaje, mis niños vienen conmigo! Desde el momento en el que el deseo de conocer un lugar nuevo viene a mi mente lo comparto con ellos. Y ahí empieza nuestra aventura, con sus intrigas y sus preguntas, con sus expectativas y sus momentos de sentarse y planear; en…… Continue reading Rumbo en Carolina del Sur


Sharing a 5 senses-experience of Spain

This session belongs to the project Rumbo in Atlanta // Lesson 1. How nice could it be… 15 zanahorias saltarinas, 2 crazy teachers and a curious monkey landing anywhere in the world. Going with my little kids to explore and meet people from all over around… Well, being realistic, this is not going to happen (yet). So I needed it to…… Continue reading Sharing a 5 senses-experience of Spain


Laylaloo. Good morning song

Versión en español aquí I love to start my days with music! And, as many teachers do, circle time always starts with a song. Today, I would love to share with you the song that I’ve made in collaboration with Erik Sjöholm to say good morning to my kids! And to all of you!! Specifically, I…… Continue reading Laylaloo. Good morning song

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Dinosaurs. Discovering hidden skeletons (even in the dark!)

Versión en español aquí This session belongs to Lesson 2. Leotolda Are you a real explorer with archeologist skills? Then you will have to demonstrate it through the terrific activities that we have for you today. Ready? These skeletons are really hidden under the soil but, that’s not all! This backbone… where should it go?…… Continue reading Dinosaurs. Discovering hidden skeletons (even in the dark!)