• img_92196Tell it Again! ’17
    Padua, Italy. Storybased curriculum for Primary Learning through: My cat likes to hide in boxes, Megg’s Eggs, The Elephant and the Bad Baby. A journey through different countries and cultures, through magic spells and prehistoric dinosaurs, and good manners also!




  • Rumbo in Atlanta’17portada
    Atlanta, EEUU. Lesson Plan for Pre-school children to learn Spanish as a Second Language. Learning based on a traveler puppet called Rumbo, friend of the children, and three books of Olga de Dios: Leotolda, Buscar and Monstruo Rosa. An adventure that will teach us about the essential value of Diversity. 


  • Christmas Happy Camp ’161. XMAS HAPPY CAMP.png
    5 fab and bubbly  days of Christmas Camp in Madrid, bringing alive some of the classical and more modern Christmas Storybooks of the English tradition: Stickman, The Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Xmas, Mickey’s Christmas Carol and Polar Express.


  • Interviews
    Read about other teachers’, authors’, parents of bilingual children’s experience. Learn more about parents who are trying to teach a second language to their children and understand why it’s so important to them.