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Travelogue “Explore the world ’17”

Padova, Italy 2017

Day 1. Preparing our trip. (3rd July 2017)

7.00 A.M. Bar table, 200 metres from school. Breakfast is served and the 3 teachers are ready for battle. The plan is to engage the kids in 9 hours of endless wonder for a tour around the world ecosystems: a classroom can become the Savannah, the backyard can be the torrid Australian outback, another classroom the freezing Polar Arctic… Read more.

Day 2. In the Savannah (4th July 2017) 

9:00 AM. Let’s start this new day! 12 little explorers, Ali and Tami, start this new day. We’ve arrived to the Savannah. Our backpacks are too heavy. We need to make some arrangements and maybe leave some stuff behind. Current objects in our backpacks are: map, binoculars, compass, tent… Read more.

Day 3. Still in the Savannah (5th July 2017)

I wake up, tie my hair in a comfy pony tail and wear a fancy-colorful bandana. Let’s go, come on Ali, I say to myself. You’re gonna be late as always. I hurrily run downstairs. Step, step, step, step. Oh no. I forgot to check my bag before leaving. Quickly, check the bag: bottle of water, keys, wallet, lion’s tail. Phiuuuu. Great. Everything’s ready… Read more.


Day 4. Arriving to the Rainforest (6th July 2017)

7.45 A.M. Backyard n.1, ground floor school complex ‘Vanzo’. Teachers Matt and Tami are ready to greet kids and parents. “Can we play hide and seek, Teacher Tom?” Martina asks  Matt, calling him purposely the name she thinks is more suitable for him… Read more.

Day 5. Into the Rainforest (7th July 2017)

7:00 a.m. While getting ready for this new day, strong and deep feelings are coming to me. What a week. Intense. Vivid. It’s the fifth day, and our first week will be concluded. How can I fall in love this quickly with these kids? How can they inspired me over and over again? Why can’t I stop smiling in this crazy way? I look at the mirror and actually, I enjoy this smile so so much… Read more.

English Summer Camp '17 (2)

Day 6. The outback (10th July 2017)

A new week is starting and what makes me feel happy is that today I’m going to see again my little kids. Oh, wait. Today we’re going to explore the Outback, the heart of Australia. The dry and true heart, Pure Essence of Australia. My beloved Australia. Everything started there. Matt and me met there, actually. And after three years and some adventures in other corners of the Universe, we are here, teaching together. How weird and beautiful Life is. Read more. 

Day 7. To a further end of the Outback (11th July 2017)

Teachers Tami and Matt are the first explorers today, guiding the group to a further end of the Outback: today we’ll hear an incredible story, we’ll make our own boomerang, we’ll sing songs. Another exciting day is starting, and Tami and Matt are… Read more.

Day 8. Into the deep blue ocean (12th July 2017)

 6:30 A.M. I confess. I slept just 4 hours. It’s 6:30 (well, you know that’s not true, it’s 6:50). Ay madre mía! 9 horas con estos tiburones hambrientos that want to know always more, do more, play more and more and more… 5 more minutes…I beg to my alarm… no answer… ok, let’s go, you can do it Tami, think of the deep siesta you will take this afternoon. Mmmm, it works. Ok, vamos! Read more.

Day 9. Landing the Polar Arctic (take your parka, it’s gonna be freezing!) (13th July 2017)

7.06 am. I’m on time today. I’d dare to say, in advance. Wow. This doesn’t really happen so often and I’m quite proud of myself. After 2 weeks, I’m able to be on time. Matt is here, with his tiny, squashy bottle-green Panda and off we go. As usual, we have breakfast at our bar, but today I change my seat. The week is about to end and we end up talking about the closest future. What about next? What about in a week time? What’s going to happen? Ideas, wishes, loads of energy, vibrant vibes of a new adventure. Read more.

Day 10. In Polar Artic (ok, we are literally freezing) (14th July 2017)

14th July 2017. 7.40 A.M , Backyard n.1, school complex ‘Vanzo’. Here we are: it’s the last day, we are not only going to finish the Polar Arctic, the whole world exploration is coming to an end today! It’s Tami and Matt today, but Alice is going to join us from lunch on, she can’t resist saying goodbye to the kids! Read more.

Alice Danesisn Tamara Gonzalez Sharing Learnings


Ali, Tami and Matt

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