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Lesson 3. Buscar

Versión en español aquí.

This session belongs to the Lesson Plan Rumbo in Atlanta

I’ve seen a lot of people that don’t smile during the day. I ask them. “There is no reason to smile” they answered. They seem to be looking for something. The reason? Maybe it’s closer that we thought… and that’s what we are going to discover in my class thanks to Bu, a little monster that after being searching for a long time it learnt the secret to enjoy life.  

Imagen PicMonkey


“Buscar” is one of the kids book published by Olga de Dios, and literally means “Search”. This book tells the story of Bu, an apparently sad character who seems to be looking for something, but what? 

Visual, inspiring and definitely adapted to kids. I love the way that Bu wakes up, and my kids loves it even more; I love the story, and the value that it transmits; I love the way that it inspires kids to have a look around and appreciate what we have. And I bet it will inspire you too if you give it a chance.

This is how we work with it in my class:


Let’s the day start! Getting presence, here we are! Check out how we wake up with our homemade “Good morning song”

LEAD-IN – What does it mean “Buscar”?

Since this class it’s part of a Second Language program, I wanted to make sure that they understood perfectly the meaning of the Spanish word “Buscar“, as well as sencences as “¿Qué haces?“(What are you doing?) and “levantar la mirada” (to look up).


If it’s already a great book for its plot and values, you will realize soon that it’s perfect for your second language class. The repetitive structure together with its comic format and its visual expression, will make your kids learn and interiorize the structures named above.

Buscar. Olga de Dios. Sharing Learnings

TIP: When it comes the word “Buscar”, make a small silence inviting your kids to be the ones saying that word. After a while, be just the narrator and point out the characters when it’s their turn to talk. Be prepared to get amazed when your kids will say by themselvesHola Bu, ¿qué haces?/ Buscar


This book invites to play “I spy with my little eye” while reading the story. How to play it? Click here!

The most important step comes at the end. We continue playing but describing, this time, the people in our class. The idea is to make them look for a while to their classmates, to take time to realize how they are, how are they dressed today, I spy with my little eye someone with blue eyes… On their classmates is where we want to put their attention along the day of today: We are surrounded by many friends and we feel so thankful and happy because of that!


“Smile”, “Say hello”, “give a hug”, “make a silly face”, “let’s walk like an astronaut”, and … Let’s walk and realize that your friends are there if you walk looking up. Perfect game that combines the learning of a second language by Total Physical Responses and the growth in values.


Time to look in detail, to take our pencils and draw a mate, and what is more, to give as a present the portrait we make! Do you want to know more? Click on the link below:

Portrait of my classmate


At least today we will go home, knowing a few Spanish words more and having taking the time to look into our classmates’ eyes!

This lesson plan belongs to the project Rumbo in Atlanta. Have a look to other lesson plans below!

Leotolda. Lesson Plan. Tamara González casado

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