I spy with my little eye…

I find really interesting this game to play while learning a second language. The benefits are multiple!!

  • It’s progressive, really flexible to be adapted according to the level of understanding and language of the kids.
  • We learn new vocabulary and chunks.
  • It’s short and fix in any moment of the class.
  • It helps them to rest for a while and restart their attention span while doing an activity.
  • It’s a healthy way to grab their attention when they are so excited and we need them to calm down.
  • Can be played anywhere.
  • You can play it with your whole class at the same time.
  • We have so much FUN!

I will explain it based on a book that I really like and it definitely invites you to play this game:

Buscar by Olga de Dios

Imagen PicMonkey

Here it’s the sequence that has worked in my class. “I spy with my little eye…”

  1. Start with the pictures in the book by saying aloud different objects and asking them to point it out in the book.
  2. Let them be the ones proposing an object. “I spy a plane” (productive oral skills)
  3. When they have got familiarize with the words, use descriptions. “I spy something green” and they need to answer “A plane” (productive oral skills: object and description)Buscar_Olgadedios_I spy
  4. In a last moment we close the book and continue playing with objects in the class. (We bring the story to reality). 
  5. MOST IMPORTANT STEP (based on the aims for this book): We continue playing but describing, this time, the people in our class. The idea is to make them look for a while to their classmates, to take time to realize how they are, how they are dressed today… Over their classmates is where we want to put their attention along the day.

We are surrounded by many friends and we feel so thankful and happy because of that. 

This game belongs to the Lesson Plan: Buscar. Spy it by clicking here!

What do you spy with your kids?  Let’s make together a list of places, books, ideas, situations, materials that we can use to play this game!! Leave a comment below with your suggestion!

  • In nature/ garden/ playground
  • I spy: 4 picture Riddle books (Amazon)
  • Book: Where’s Waldo (Martin Handford)
  • Landscape
  • Art picture from an artist

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