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Rumbo in South Carolina

Versión en español aquí

If I go traveling, my kids come with me! I involve them in the excitement of the days before, in my wonders, expectations; in the planning; in my discoveries and learnings; in my passion for exploring the world. And this time we went to…

South Carolina!!! 


Let me explain you the situation:

  • 29th of March. I go to Charleston
  • 2nd of April. I come back from Charleston
  • 3rd of April. Day off. 
  • 4th of April. I take a plane to Boston
  • 7th of April. Bus to New York.
  • 11th I return to school.

Now focus on the 3rd of March. It was supposed to be a day off, where naps along the day where allowed with the excuse of refilling my batteries to be able to walk all the way up Broadway Street and back without getting even a bit tired!! A day where reading a book for a couple of couple of hours laying in the sun while reading a good book was more than fine since the forecast predicted 0ºC (32ºF) in Boston and here, in Atlanta, was 25ºC (77ºF)!! Well… without counting the unexpected thunder storm we got in the middle of the day.

BUT! I was thrilled about the Horseshoe Crab shell and all the treasures I found in the beach. So, waiting until the 11th sounded so boring and I couldn’t help it. I took Rumbo, I finished Rumbo’s travelogue, pack Rumbo’s world-sharing suitcase and started going to school!

Excitement up in 3, 2, 1…

As you could guess, they didn’t expect I was going to go to school. So plan carefully how you are going to show up. My class has half doors, so, planned with Miss Erika, this was our performance.

Rumbo, sitting over the half door (me hidding from behind): Hoooooooooooooooollllaaaaaaaaaa amiiiiigosss!!!

Miss Erika (in Spanish): Rumbo!! How are you!! what are you doing here?! Weren’t you up north with Tami?

Kids: How did you come here? (with a tone between excitement, wondering how did he actually was able to move his legs without me, and confusion between reality and fantasy: love it!) 

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-14 00.33.55

Suddenly one of the kids turns around and shouts: Miiiiissss Taaaammiii!!!

Me (after being discovered): Hooooooolaaaaa zanahoriassss! I found many treasures to share with you from South Carolina that I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to share with you!!!!!

The octopus

(Infinite love moment, I wish I could be an octopus to hug them all at the same time)

Start the lesson by putting some intrigue

You already know about how useful I found to have a treasure box with the shape of a suitcase to share about the world. If not, check it out here! It just simply creates its own magic by coming inside the class with a mysterious bag. What are you bringing this time? As a second language teacher I can tell you, when they are really into something, speaking the new language comes hand by hand. And I can tell that at this point you are excited too to see what is inside!

Rumbo’s travelogue

Immerse yourself into it by clicking here!

Rumbos traelogue in south carolina

As you might have experienced in your feet, each trip has its own teaching. Sometimes we have a strong nature experience, some others more human; sometimes we travel, where the land seems to end, to see a very good friend of ours, and it might be in the middle of Venice that you don’t care at all what is out there but to share your time with that special person for you. filename-1 (1)

There is no specific learning that I try to teach when sharing these moments. Simply the pleasure of traveling, my thankfulness to life and whatever learning that trip has brought to me. This time I can say it was mainly NATURE. And that’s what Rumbo shares in his travelogue.

Rumbo’s suitcase

I couldn’t believe it when I found that huge shell in the sand. When you wake up really early in the morning to see the sunrise, the low tide leaves so many unexpected treasures!! It might be so common to see them for you, but for me it was the first time to have in my hands A HORSESHOE CRAB SHELL! It is terribly stinky (and I’ve tried hard to get rid of the smell) but I decided to leave it as part of the experience and stimulate once again the smelling sense that I keep forgetting to bring into the class!

Rumbos traelogue in south carolina. Horseshoe crab2

Let them touch, experience, smell, measure… Explore conversations, answer some questions! They really want to know about everything, no matter which language you are using!!

CRAFT. Shells-necklace/ bracelet

I also brought sea grass, many shells with different colors and textures and some coral. And, the theme of this week is Recycling. What if we do something with our shells and we learn that we can be creative with nature to while taking care of the Earth??? They’ve loved the idea!

Brazelets. Rumbo in South Carolina

And now, let’s pack some warmer clothes and get ready to our trip to Boston!!

Can’t wait to meet you all! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the road!!

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