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Tami’s Van

Versión en español aquí
Unexpectedly this morning, after dropping off her kid, one of the mums told me the following story:
“Before going to sleep we usually go with L. through a notebook that ask 3 different questions every night. Yesterday night this question appeared…
Mum: L., What would you love to have that someone else have but not you?
L.: To be a teacher.
Mum: Mmmmm, ok that’s to be but what about to have?
L.: Tami’s van.
Mum: Tami’s van?
L.:Yes, Tami has a van that she uses to travel around the world with Rumbo. In the van there is a TV to watch films, a kitchen and a sofa that she uses to sleep. 
(I can promise that I’ve never share such story! I may share with them about the places I’ve been and the places that I would love to be. But I would never tell them that I’ve been in a place if I’ve been not. And so, I’ve never share about how I travel here or there. It’s all her imagination… and that blows my mind. 
Later in the day I went to ask her about my van, expecting that she was going to laugh about it.
Tami: L. How is my van?
L. Yellow
(Yellow… Ok, my van is yellow… I couldn’t find more words, seeing how serious L. was about the color f the van.  I’m now smiling like a foolish remembering this moment. It was simply so amazing, just trying to see, at least, a tiny bit of all the beauty inside her mind).
Tami: Would you like to make a picture of it?
L. Sure!!!
Here it’s the result:
Van de Tami y Rumbo
“Estamos en el van de Tami y Rumbo”
In the picture (described by L.): This is you (Tami), Rumbo and me. In your van there is a kitchen, shelves with fruit. Here is a picture when Rumbo was a baby. And some other pictures. And here is the Moon. We are in the Road. My mum was at the doctor so I went with Miss Tami in her van for two days!! We were in the mountain; we made a fire and eat some fruit. We got the fruit from a lady’s garden. And we made a delicious soup!” 
And I just found in love of my kids, of their imagination, of their world, of their way of seeing life, of being a teacher, of sharing time with them – what precious present for me. If I would have a van big enough believe me that I will take all of you, and we will go to the mountain, climb up to the peak or maybe a tree, explore the animals and plants around us, meet more people on the way, play and make a fire while the Moon is waking up to say us night, night!, two days.. or maybe five!
Check out where this kid has found her inspiration by clicking here.

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