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Lesson 2. Leotolda. Why is your drawing different than mine?

Versión en español aquí

This session belongs to the Lesson Plan Rumbo in Atlanta


Es grande… es redonda… siempre dice lo que piensa… es de muchos colores… Mmmm… LEOTOLDA! Yes, that’s it! The most recent, adventurous and thrilled book from OLGA de DIOS was inside Rumbo’s suitcase!! Today I will go with my “Little carrots” from the Dinosaurs Park to the Moon! Not kidding, have a look below!

Reading Leotolda. Lesson Plan. Tamara González casado 2


We might need extraenergy for this adventure! Check how we recharge batteries in my class with our homemade “Good morning song”.


As everyday of this lesson plan, we keep the routine. The luggage is an important element that needs to be present in the class. It’s a core that brings learnings, prepares the moment for circle time and establishes key elements for what is yet to come. In other words, it helps to remember, get presence and predict. With these three elements in mind, you have all you need for a long-term lesson plan.

In my case, I got the chance that a new teacher was in the circle to ask them if they would like to share with Miss Isis all we’ve done yesterday! And as you can imagine, they were so pleased and happy to do it! Thanks to the luggage I was able to provide the objects that they needed for their explanation. They also read for her Rumbo’s travelogue, isn’t it a great way to encourage them to use with a communicative purpose a Second Language?


Time to read! They’ve just loved this story. I was a bit afraid that it might not have been suitable for kids whose mother tongue is English. But it was perfectly fine. The illustrations are that descriptive that you may not have any meaning-plot problem. I highly recommend this story for a Second Language Class. Its message about diversity worths to be read to any kid.

If you don’t have the book yet, you can purchase it by clicking here.

My leotolda looks like.jpg



  • Paper dishes
  • Brushes
  • Color painting (+ somewhere to pour the colors. I’ve used an eggs lid).

We are going to paint our own Leotolda. Remind the description that we ALL got from the book, but important: do not give more instructions or examples cause what we want to promote is Creativity. Each picture is going to be different according to our own imagination, and that means that… we imagine and think things in a different way, that doesn’t need to be wrong, it’s simply different. If we are able to understand that each of the pictures is beautiful, we are on the way to learn about how diverse we are and how unique and especial we are!

Leotolda. Lesson Plan. Tamara González casado


Inspired by the Dinosaurs Park, we have had the chance to become archeologist for a while during the afternoon. Check it out here. Through it, we will analyze in detail dinosaurs appearance, looking in deep, spotting the differences… They were different too! Do we think they think in the same way? dream? imagine?

Dinosaurio UV light

Archeologist dinosaurs

This book is just blasting off! We need more ideas on the net to start using this great book in our class! So, please, share all your ideas and help this book to travel around the world!

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