Lesson 3_We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This is Lesson 3 of the storybook We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

Make a circle and play some flashcards games with children, such as a Memory Game or others. Go on playing until children look quite confident and each child has shown to know and remembered well (or quite well!) from Lesson 1.

I decided to put into words some of my previous CELTA knowledge for adults and make it simple for kids. I printed out 5 copies of these cards (1 set per 1 pair of children).  story_sequencing_4persheet_bnw
I said to the children that they were going to work in pairs and they had to put in order the sequence of events. I gave them the cards and they started working together. It’s been so nice. They were talking to each other naming the cards both in Italian and in English (la melma, forest, la tempesta di neve, grass..). It’s so great for the teacher, when they have student-student time to relate and you can really see how much they’ve learned and it’s fixed in their memories.When they finish, they will immediately ask you for a response if they did it right or wrong. Say that they have to wait a moment.


Now that they have  a reason to listen to the story again, say that they are going to check if they were right  and if not, they have to correct. Engage children in the storytelling as much as you can, stopping and eliciting words or even parts of the narration. (you will be surprised how much they can remember and produce. Stop at the end of each obstacle so pupils have the time to check. They loved it! It kept them engaged until the end if the story.

What do we need to go on a bear hunt?? Binoculars!!

Material needed:
-2 toilet paper rolls per child
-tempera of any color

I have to say that I’ve being recycling toilet paper rolls for months and asked around  (family, friends, friends of friends, etc.) to help me collect all these great treasure. And now it came the moment. I brought school a full box and children were literally astonished for the great amount of toilet paper rolls. Guys, we’re gonna make binoculars today!! Like the real explorers have! If your classes are numerous, I suggest that you prepare in advance the binoculars, stapling the two of them together. Give each child one and let them paint it! I could feel the excitement and they couldn’t wait to try them out, but.. no. I’m sorry my friends, we need to wait until they dry!


Clean up with your favourite clean up song (I use the one from Supersimple Learning), gather in circle again, make a moment to ask children if they had fun, which colors did they decide to use for their binoculars, and sing your bye-bye song.

See you later alligators on Lesson 4!



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