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Lesson 1. Rumbo – the explorer of the world

This session belongs to the Lesson Plan Rumbo in Atlanta

Since I came into the classroom that morning I was bringing Rumbo’s suitcase. With the corner of my eye I could see my kids faces while they were having breakfast, staring at me and wondering…

Tami, are you leaving back to Spain? 



Before solving any mystery, let’s start the day with our cirlce time routine. Check out how we do it and enjoy our homemade “Good morning song”

LEAD-IN – The mystery of the suitcase

WP_20170211_027As you can expect, when you sit all together for circle time they will automatically ask you: “What’s that suitcase?”. I answered: It’s a Treasure Suitcase“. The more engaged you are, the more mystery and curiosity you will create around it. Don’t be afraid! This moment is really important because we really would love them to be engaged during the whole week!

Now it comes the fun! Please, enjoy so much while doing it!

Me: “I haven’t come alone to the States. There was a really good friend of mine coming with me. Actually it’s right here, let me see. (Whispering to the kids) His name issss Rumbo, do you want to help me, I think he might be sleeping inside there” Rumbooooooooo, Ruuuuumbooooooo!”

Rumbo: “Heyyyy, who’s calling?? Oh! Hellooooooo!!! Helloooo!!!! At last!!! We made it to meet this kids you’ve been talking about! I was longing to meet you! How are you? (One by one he gives a hug to every child) My name is Rumbo! What’s your name?”  


Ask the kids if they want to know new things about Spain. And one by one start taking things from inside the luggage, so you can keep them engaged till the end. I’ve done it following this order:

  • Essentials for traveling: mine and Rumbo’s passport and plane tickets.
  • Stuff for real explorers: Maps from the World, Spain, Madrid (geographical and political) and binoculars.
  • Pictures from Spain.
  • Realia (5 senses experience)
  • Rumbo’s travelogue.
  • 3 books: Leotolda, Buscar, Monstruo Rosa.

5 senses experience. Rumbo in Atlanta. Tamara Gonzalez Casado

By clicking in each of them you will find more information about what we’ve shared.


Click here to see Rumbo’s Travelogue. After sharing and enjoying together, Rumbo has one last thing inside his luggage: His diary of travels. Through it, Rumbo shares about himself  and his passion for traveling. At the end, he invites them to life an adventure all together during that week! They were so excited that they couldn’t wait till tomorrow to read the first book!! But that’s not all… wait until the fifth day to see a new chapter in Rumbo’s travelogue…..


Get inspired and make your own suitcase with many many stories to tell to your kids. It could be about wherever you are from but also about a trip that you’ve done or maybe a continent treasure box, or either a World Treasure Box (I’ve started making one!)!!

The whole idea is to bring an experience in which your kids can travel to new places around the world with the aim of let them feel, enjoy and awake reflections about how big is the world, there’s more out there, so much to learn!! And eventually, to open their minds to appreciate the DIVERSITY we have and look at it as a treasure.

Feel free to share your expereinces, your life, your travels right here. I would love to post it and let you share with more people from all over around the world. And definitively, I will bring your expereince to my class! You already know… everyday is a perfect day to travel to a new place, and do we have better, curious and energetic fellow travelers than our pupils??? 



27/ 03/2017 Isn’t it beautiful when one of your kids get that inspired that made up a whole story about a trip together in a van? Read this piece of imagination by clicking here.

Van de Tami y Rumbo

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