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Lesson 6_My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

This is Lesson 6 of the storybook My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

At this point, children should be able to re-tell the story by their own, but it’s the first moment together, so to make it special, I had each child telling a page.

Collect as many objects and clothes as you can. Make the moment to take out from the bag the clothes one by one, reviewing the name and guessing of which country it is for.
I collected the following:

a tissue and my wonderful sombrero for Brazil,
gloves,hat and coat for Norway,
a policeman hat for Greece,
a cloak as the matador for Spain,
braces and a violin for Berlin,
a kimono, a teacup and a big blue fan for Japan, 
a stripped t-shirt and microphone for France

Assign each child a cat and let them dress up. If you have make-ups, use them to let the children become…CATS!
Give them time if they need to repeat their lines and then.. let’s record it!!
Help them as much as they need (remember: even us, would be embarassed in front of a camera!)

Time and space allowed, it would be great to make a special moment to show what children’ve learned during this journey together.
Invite children simply to introduce themselves to the parents saying their lines from the story (they will be sooooo thrilled and excited, that some of them will not even say a word. Help them!)
Then, I like to connect my pc to the tv and make another special moment for both parents and children:

They are going to watch themselves on the TV! It’s such a nice moment and it means something different to everyone: someone is happy and can’t wait to watch herself, others are embarassed and hide behind the sofa, others are shy but brave: it’s a magic mix of feelings!


  • Children found the story simple and funny beacuse very repetitive. They enjoyed!
  • Some children got bored because of the repetitiveness.
  • Some children could not pronounce very well verbs in between words, such as: got, caught, waved
  • They enjoyed a lot learning about flags and nationalities.
  • All of them memorized very soon and well-pronounced police, sing and dance, violin, chill, stuck.
  • The hands-on activity they liked more was definitely the making of the cat-shaped book.
  • All the children learned very well by heart, knowing the meaning and miming:
    but my cat likes to hide in boxes.

Have you followed our Lesson Plans for My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes?
Which have been your journey? What about your considerations? Share them with us!

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See you later Alligators!


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