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Lesson 2_We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This is Lesson 2 of the storybook We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

Make a circle and play some flashcards games with children, such as a Memory Game or others. Go on playing until children look quite confident and each child has shown to know and remembered well (or quite well!) from Lesson 1. Some of them remembered under because they associated the word with the funny man doing limbo. Others remembered catch because they know rugby and like it very much. Almost everyone remembered scared and bearIt’s quite interesting because it means that those words meant something to everyone. Each one of them doesn’t want to feel scared and they like bears, thet’re definitely not scared!

Before starting the storytelling, ask children: “What do we need to put in our backpack?
Let them brainstorm, accept every answer, either food or clothes or objects. I noticed how wonderful is this exercise to review loads of previous vocabulary.

I suggest that this time, you don’t use the book. Use the flashcards of Grass, River, Mud, Snowstorm, Cave, It’s a Bear, to tell the story. (Download them here).
The storytelling goes something likes this:

We’re going on a …stop. Let children finish the line. (BEAR HUNT)
We’re going to …. stop. Let children finish the line. (CATCH A BIG ONE)
What a beautiful… stop. Let children finish the line. (DAY)
We are not… stop. Let children finish the line. (SCARED)
Oh-oh! …stop. Let children finish the line. (GRASS!)
Long, wavy, grass. We can’t go…. stop. Let children finish the line. (OVER IT)
We can’t go…. stop Let children finish the line. (UNDER IT)
Elicit OH NO!!!
We’ve got to go… stop. Let children finish the line. (THROUGH IT)

Together mime SWISHY SWASHY.

Go on like this until the end of the story. Children loved it so much! And then, use the flashcards that you have put on the floor to help you going back!!

If children haven’t, let them finish to color and cut out their charachters, so that they will be ready to act the story next time.


If you have time, gather in circle, ask children about the story. Which is your favourite charachter? Why? Were you scared? Yes, no, why? or even, which is your favourite word? Show them the flashcards. Asking them such personal questions keep them really engaged; children care a lot about saying their own opinions and they feel how much You, as a Teacher or Parent, care about them.

I’ll see you at Lesson 3, I’ll make a video of the storytelling, eventually!!

See you later Alligators! To lesson 3!


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