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Fox in Socks

Who has never listened to the story of The Grinch or The Cat in the Hat?

Dr. Seuss it’s really well know for kids and grown-ups for his crazy books, heading with a non-sense title and full of funny characters that twist, over and over again, a silly story. And that’s what makes it unique and kids just love it!

Today, we hade make a special day for Dr. Seuss!! It wasn’t easy to find one book to lead this session. But, after going through all the books I think we have one…

But take it slowly. This book is dangerous!

1. Fox in Socks


Start the session making circle time. Open up a conversation by providing some questions as: Who is Dr. Seuss? What does it mean to be a writer? What about an illustrator? Who knows some books that he has written?  The level of difficulty of these questions will depend on their Second Language acquisition. In case they don’t know much, ask close questions that they can easily answer with yes or no like is he a doctor? is he a teacher? who has a book written by Dr. Seuss at home? This will help you to get an overview of the general knowledge they have about it, so you can adjust how much new information you can provide.


3. Fox in Socks

Now is time to provide some interesting real facts. I’ve done it by showing them the following FC and letting them see the picture of the books while we were reading those facts. Encourage them to understand that sentence by pointing at different examples like “Dr. Seuss made up silly characters” and point the Lorax or the Grinch. Focus on the specific vocabulary of stories: writer, illustrator, title, story, book, characters, pictures…


It’s time to read a story of Dr. Seuss. And the chosen one is… Fox in Socks. This is how I recommend you to do it, how it has worked in my class:

  • Read the title2. Fox in sox. Storytelling
  • Start with the second page  and read “Take it slowly. This book is dangerous”. Give them a reason to listen to the story!
  • Ask them why it could be dangerous. Is a lion going to appear suddenly?? Ask each of them to make a guess and you’ll be encouraging their capacity to wonder and make hypothesis.
  • Read the front page again: “This is a book you read aloud (…)”. Introduce them the concept of tongue twister.
  • Start the story “Fox Socks Box Knox”. Pretend that it was difficult and your tongue was twisting and ask them to repeat those four words to feel it too!
  • Once they have understood that, is time to read the book! Let them laugh when your tongue is twisted again!


We’ve put together 4 pieces of color paper and we’ve tied them with a rope. Now we propose them to make our own picture book. The idea is to feel how was the life of Dr. Seuss creating those pictures and stories by becoming real writers and illustrators!

They can paint any tongue twister from the story, write if they want or write the title…

5. Fox in Socks. Tamara Gonzáelz

They don’t know yet how to write but I just put it there to give a challenge for the most advanced ones. I was so surprised by the results! Almost all of them tried to write the title and a few copied some lines from the book! When they are motivated, nothing can stop them from learning!!


Inspired by the socks of Mr. Fox we have made a poster to decorate the class. Ask them to bring some socks the day before (this helps also to let them start thinking, which crazy idea has she come up with socks this time…? They manipulte new materials, we bring realia to the class, they will shape and they will create new patterns for their socks. Here are our results!

4. Fox in Socks. Tamara González

Which is your favourite book by Dr. Seuss? How do you use it in your class? Which kind of games do you play? Does your kids enjoy them too? 


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