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London Flashcards

Last weekend I went to London  and enjoyed the city so much with my friend Uzma that I decided to let my children know about the city and discover landmarks, food and life of a real experience. I started taking photos of the city and made some great flashcards of the places and spots that I loved.

Therefore, this is my selection of words and experiences. I think it’s so great for a child to see the picture of a real place, with authentic text (in English!) to spot in the photos (mind the gap, National Museum, soft ice, telephone etc.)


Feel free to download them here below:

As my great friend Tami suggested, I decided to create also some very personal Flashcards, with myself, my friend Uzma and some landmarks and experiences in London that I lived. For the children, to see their teacher in the pictures will be like..

“She is not kidding.. She’s been there! It’s real!”

I’m sure you’re not interested in download my personal flashcards with myself, but have a look at them and take inspiration for your lessons! Make your experiences become real authentic teaching material and create a special connection with your children.


If you are looking for games and ideas about how to use flashcards, you should definitely visit our section with tips, activities, pictures and videos.

Alice Danesin London Flashcards

Looking forward to hearing how much fun you’ll have playing with kids and
how much they will learn! Share your experience below!

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