Laylaloo. Good morning song

Versión en español aquí

I love to start my days with music! And, as many teachers do, circle time always starts with a song. Today, I would love to share with you the song that I’ve made in collaboration with Erik Sjöholm to say good morning to my kids! And to all of you!!

Specifically, I use it at the beginning of the sessions of my Lesson Plan Rumbo in Atlanta. In this Unit, we learn about diversity through Spanish as a Second Language. That’s why I would like to make a special post to share about how to use it in you Second Language class.



The song has two parts. During the first part we sing the two first parts of the song that are the same. Between them, make a pause and invite them to share how they feel the day of today. 

Sign Langauge

When we ask them, how are you? we can offer them different possible answers so they can express it using the second language before they learn this vocabulary.

At the same time, you can teach this words using sign language. By introducing this element in the song, you can estimulate other systems of learning, especially useful for those one whose preferred system is the kinesthesic. As much as they feel themselves talking in this new language, as more motivated they will be and their self-esteem will be clearly reinforce!!



Here is my suggestion if you have enough space in the class.

  • Let’s liberate some energy by dancing the first part of the song. Something simple, in a circle, holding hands, to one side, to the other, inside, outside and we point someone in the part here you come. 
  • Go crazy in the last leilalulaleeila (…) 
  • Dance really really slowly the last heeeeeeeeereeeee youuuuuuu cooomeeeee. And finish the song by sitting on the floor and starting the circle time.

If you have also your own Good Morning song, let us know! We will be so glad to listen to it and also, to help you in recording and publishing it!

That’s how we grow, sharing what we know.

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