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Paint your dinosaur!

Talking about how to keep the children’s interest high and relevant to their lives, I found that Dinosaurs is one of those topics who my boys definitely and deeply love. They know everything about them and for sure more than me. We were exploring a book, Meg’s Eggs, and decided to paint our favourite dinosour. In the story, it’s presented Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.

  • LEAD IN: Talk about what they already know about dinosaurs, raise interest in the topic using their previous knowledge.
  • INTRODUCE NEW LANGUAGE: Now print or draw 3 big dinosaurs (a Diplodocus, a Stegosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus). While you point at them, ask children: “How is Diplodocus’ head? Big or small?”, “How is Stegosaurus’ tail?”, “How are Tyrannosaurus’ teeth?
    If children are able to write, have them writing around the dinosours and create labels around it to point out the differences.

Diplodocus: long neck, small head, long tail, walked on 4 legs
Stegosaurus: small head, bony plates on his back, spikes on his tail, walked on 4 legs
Tyrannosaurus: big head, long tail, short arms, sharp teeth, walked on 2 legs


    I suggested to draw them with the pencil first and then we painted it with watercolors while repeating all the parts of the dinosaurs’ body.


    When they finishm give them the possibiity to present their dinosaur, the name, the description, eliciting the words and simple phrases that you know they can produce, and help them as much as they need.

Do you have other dinosaurs activities that you enjoy doing with your children?
Here you can find more ideas, light your dinosaurs and become archeologists!

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