Lesson 3_My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

This is the lesson plan for Lesson 3 of the storybook “My Cat likes to hide in boxes”

Turn over all the sets of  flags they made in lesson 1 and set them on a mat. Have the children going or crawling around and at some point say: “Everybody take.. Spain!” and everybody should be able to find his/her flag. Go on like this until you finish the flags or you think it’s enough.

Read the story eliciting words and inviting students to join in as much as they can. Tips about how to read here. At this point children were able to join quite a lot. When you finish, start eliciting the rhyming words. Say an example: “Greece, Po..lice!” and go on pointing to the illustrations in the book eliciting the rhyming words until students are confident.

Prepare in advance an envelope for each child where you put a set of pictures or lines that rhyme. For my students of 6 y/o I prepared pictures, more intuitive and simple. You can download them here rhyming-pics.

Now take your own set of pictures and say the name of the first picture that is on the top of your set. Elicit the rhyming words. Say that they’re going to play in pairs taking turns and trying to guess the rhyming word. Use this time to monitor, support and help children around. This is a great time to see and hear what they really got from the inputs they’ve been receiving through these three lessons. Leave children all the time they need, change pairs and do it again and again. Feel also free to join the game and ask them the rhymes to check understanding.


If you have time, and children feel like to color, give them the worksheet to draw a cat (you find it in the manual Tell it Again!) under the table, next to the chair, on the floor and practicing or reviewing about prepositions and colors.

Close the lesson asking the children to bring the flags and the rhyming cards next time at class!

This class has really been exciting, moreover because I really could see the children’s progresses and their language that is growing lesson by lesson. But the moment when I saw more development was when they were left alone playing with other kids
(results are always surprising!)

See you at Lesson 4 alligators!

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