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Washing machine | Role play

I’m literally going crazy, I see new possibility in every box, I see new life in junk. A couple of days ago I found this huge box and thought “Well, I’ll keep it. It’s gonna be useful. I still don’t know for what, but I’ll figure out something.” And then I was about to start teaching clothes. And the following thought was: I have the perfect washing machine for my kids!



  • Take a big cardboard box and cut almost an entire circle (the left part should be left attached, children have to be able to open it) in the middle of the front face.
  • Paint the round window blue and a some film to make the transparent effect.
  • Add buttons of different shapes and colors on the top of your washing machine.


  1. Introduce the new language (clothes, accessories, the verb to wash and washing machine) through flashcards and/or realia. I personally did both. First I introduced teh topic with flashcards and then I brought on the table REAL CLOTHES!
  2. LEAD-IN: Say and mime “the clothes are dirty! We need to wash them!”. Ask the children: “What do we need to wash?” Elicit from them washing machine.
  3. Now show them the washing machine with emphasis. Introduce them all the buttons and the different functionalities: ON, OFF, SLOW, FAST, WASH.
  4. During the washing, they can make the sound of machine machine. When it’s over, take out the clothes and say: “wow! Smell! Now it’s really nice!”
    Children will then start smelling the clothes for real and really pretending that it’s a good or bad smell.
  5. Step back and let children play alone. I noticed that more than the names of the   clothes, what children were saying in English was: on / off, wash and washing machine. They were enjoying this words so much, their onomatopoeia and sound.

Role-playing is simply so powerful.

If you have experienced such a great role-play with your child or feel like yu want to try,
let us know how it goes!

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