Annalisa’s Experience

Annalisa is a 27 y/o dynamic Teacher, Museum Guide and great Explorer of the Outdoors. Graduated in Archeolgy, she currently teaches 6th-8th grade.

♦  Where are you currently teaching and which subjects do you teach?

I’m currently teaching at Borgoricco’s and Villanova’s middle school (North Italy), I teach Italian, History and Geography.

♦  Which kind of experience it is?

This is my first year like a teacher, so for me everything is new. I am often afraid to be wrong and everyday, when I walk into a classroom I have the heartbeat.

Why? Now, after four months, I know it: students are very smart, clever, they have a great memory, they make an attempt to the special ones. Therefore, it’s essential that I have a 360° view around any topic.
 It’s so tough. But I simply can’t not to be prepared.

♦  How does the school work in that country? Have you found any difficulties to settle  yourself in the new environment?

I think that every school is different in my country. Everything depends on the teachers. The teachers are the school. For example in the Borgoricco’s school the students work very well in art. It is the first school that I’ve seen so colored and alive! Inside the school, all the walls are painted, there are gigantic rainbow trunks, hung from the ceiling, there are colored tropical birds. It’s a beautiful and particular school. All this it’s just thanks to the teachers. To sum up, I think that it doesn’t exist just one kind of school but different kinds of teachers.

Yes, I’ve found some difficulties, especially during the parent-teacher meetings (I’m young, so sometimes the parents are surprised and perhaps reluctant to trust a young teacher. Difficulties about old scholastic programs. But, I know, it’s my first year, and hopefully I’ll have time to change and overcome these difficulties.

Which values do you think the school is trying to transmit to the children?

I think that this school tries to transmit students the importance of respecting of the rules,  respecting the adults, cooperation, helping each other, collaboration with different cultures from o, helping the weakest (different cases of autism are present in the classroom), commitment and obligations, growing up in their own social and cultural environment.

Which values have YOU decided to transmit to your children? How is the rapport with them?

This question is hard to answer. Values… values. I wouldn’t talk about values, I want to teach my students that they have the possibility to choose. Obviously, teaching them the respect, the collaboration, helping each other is essential. To have my students interiorize these learnings, I work on their behaviors, daily. Every action has one effect, in classroom as in life.

My relationship with them is based on trust and respect. Sometimes I am a tough teacher, sometimes I’m friendly, other times I’m a personal councelor. I don’t have a defined role yet. I still have to understand which role I dress. If I have to describe my rapport with the students, I think that, at the moment, it is chameleonic.

What have you learned from this teaching experience?

I’m learning that having a good family relationship for the students is essential. For the students  around 10-14 years, the parents’ support  is  really important. They do sport, they have a good productivity and they are well integrated with the classmates. Contrarily, the hyperactive pupils and those that show difficulty in the learning have all the problems at home. The role of parents is fundamental  to know how to daily grab pupils’ attention and interest. And believe me, it’s definitely a challenge nowadays!

Which is the most beautiful achievement for you and your students?

The best achievement so far has been last year in November, when I had to change school. When I said them goodbye, the students asked me to sign an  autograph and after that, they got up standing and they recited by heart a poem that I taught them thoroughly. I began to shiver and I couldn’t avoid to chock a little.
The best salary of my life!

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What’s your experience as an Educator, Teacher, Parent of a Bilingual Child, Parent who cares about his/her child to learn a Second Language?

Contact us for an interview, we will publish and share your experience!



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