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Sandbox | Body Parts


Once I finished to study “Learn through Play”, a brilliant resource book that I discovered during the English in Early Childhood course, I literally couldn’t wait to put in action what I learned!

I read about the sandbox and the water tray, and I decided to start from the sandbox. The aim is to include daily fun activities that the children already play at the nursery and pre-school, also in the time for the Second Language.

I took the box from my old boots, asked my uncle to grab some sand from the beach and filled the box 3/4, added some sticks and shells to spice things up even more and there we go. Our sandbox is ready for thousands adventures!

Given that I am now teaching the body parts, I printed out parts of children’s bodies from all over the world, so the activity can be relevant for everybody. You can download them for free here below:

I then took an A3 papersheet and drew the outline of the little pieces and finally laminated it.img_6023

Once that I showed the children the sandbox, you can just imagine, how their eyes started to twinkle! Wooooooow sand! Where did you get it from? Is it real? You may think about planning a lesson around the topic of the sand and the seaside, but you can also think about how to use the sand as a special tool for any topic. Either  to consolidate or review vocabulary, this is a great activity.

Provide children with a stick and say that they are little archeologists, they have to explore and dig and find all the body parts that you are going to ask them, and then collocate them in the right shape in the outline A3 papersheet.

The first part of the activity is about to have them repeating the vocabulary again and see how much they have learned, they are able to remember and what we need to work more on (remember that we are assessing in each moment!) and in second part they are sorting out for shape.

Have you ever tried the sandbox? For which activities?

Share them with us below!!

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