Lesson 1_My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

This is the lesson plan for Lesson 1 of the storybook “My Cat likes to hide in boxes”

To introduce the topic of Pets, I said: “I have a cat, its name is Bubu. Do YOU have a pet? A dog, a cat?”- Then I continued: “Do you know anyone that has a pet?” I let them talk in their mothertongue, not pretending anything, just to warm-up a little. Then I said: “My cat likes to eat bones! Does your pet like to do anything special?”. At this point, if children don’t get the meaning, say the translation in their mothertingue, but just once and clear, or start the world in their mothertongue without finishing it and letting them guess.
Now I showed the cover of the book and elicited from them “cat” and “box“. I mimed the title to have them understanding what “hide” means.
Then I explained that this story is about 7 cats from 7 different countries..

I showed them an enlarged world map, and elicited names of the countries that they already knew and pointed out the ones of the story. Then we presented the flags that I colored myself in advance, repeated the name aloud and sticked them in the map.

I gave children the worksheets (that you can download in the handbook “Tell it Again” from the British Council) and let them following the key instructions to color the flags, write the country name below and cut them out.

FLAGS GAME (Teacher-Students / Students-Students)
Here was the perfect time for a game, so we sat down in a circle and describing the flags (very simply like: “It has three stripes: blue, white and red. What’s that?) I had  them saying the name of the country and hold it up high. I repeated this for several times, until the children got used to the technique. Then I divided them in pairs and had them doing it by themselves. This means exactly learn how to learn and giving them a little time for free Second-language production.

Teacher-led game:


Student-led game in pairs:


We didn’t read the storybook today, it will happen in lesson 2, when children will have  already become confident with nationalities and flags.
The lesson went super great, I was really able to feel the cheer and the excitement in my bones!

See you later, alligators! Ready for lesson 2!

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