Food Collage

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I am now about to finish the food topic with my children, and I was looking for a meaningful activity  to propose. I tried out the collage, bringing school hundreds of my mom’s cooking magazines, giving children the opportunity to use authentic material.

As they saw the magazines I could perceive their excitement! They were about to leaf through real magazine pages, as the adults do! Wow!

*Food magazines of any kind
*Scissors – one per child
* Stick glue
*Sheets of paper – one per child

*Distribute one sheet of paper per child, scissors and glues. Give them the magazines and say “What’s your favourite food? – My favourite food is pasta, ice cream and tomatoes!” While talking, show the pictures of the food in the magazine. Continue: “Now I cut them out and paste them on my sheet, here.” You may want to prepare one collage in advance to show and in the meanwhile demonstrate how to do it and model for them.

*Circulate and help children around to choose their favourite food, and ask questions about colors, tastes and preferences.

As soon as they finish, collect their work and sit down in a circle. This will be the opportunity to display their work and letting children show what they did to their friends. Help them asking qustions: “What’s your favourite food, Marco? – Wow, so yummy! And what’s this?”. Appreciate their work, let them know that you really like it: “Emily, your work is wonderful. Great job!”. They will feel extremely satisfied and proud of themselves and more than everything else, they will know that you appreciate their effort.


Share with us your beautiful collages!!

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