Dress up your own Stick Man

Definitively, children loved to make their own Stick Man. After reading the story, he became their favorite character. That’s why they enjoyed so much to design and make the clothes for their own Stick Man.


You almost need nothing to make this Art&Craft!

  1. Just go outside and collect some sticks (preferably with more than one branch, so later they can become an arm or a leg)
  2. Go home and collect every single thing that can be part of their dresses. And with this we mean: buttons, old pieces of fabric, a broken sock, paper, wrapping paper, wire, clips, leads, (the list could go on literally forever!, etc. Basically, what we usually call RECYCLABLE MATERIAL. The idea is to provide them thousands of possibilities and then, they can decide what and how they want to do. This is one of the best ways to develop their creativity, to teach them the importance of taking care of the planet and develop their solving problems skills.
  3. Prepare a box with tools that they may need like glue, scissors, pencils, thread…
  4. Cover the table with paper or even better a plastic tablecloth. Stick man can be tricky some times and later, you might find glue everywhere.
  5. I was almost forgotting the main element… WIGGLE EYES!!!!


Follow up: We used the Stick Man to re-tell the story altogether.
Each of these crafts was unique as the ones that will be created by your students if you carry out this activity.

We all would love to see the results so feel free to share the experience here and send the pictures to our email We will publish them in this same blog as part of our learning road together!


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