Grinch Cookies

How to make the Grinch’s heart grow 3 sizes? Making cookies, sure!
The recipe we decided to use us a very special one. It comes direcly from Finland, from Tami’s mother-in-law and it’s the most christmasy taste and smell I’ve ever tried. It’s the Gingerbread recipe, which we’d like to share with you entirely. We decided to use just one spice, cinammon, to make it lighter for children, besides the original recipe includes three spices: ginger, carnation and cinammon. (Children learnt about measurement, weight, substances, solid/liquid status and all the vocabulary related to kitchen and cooking.)

1 teaspoon of soda
400gr flour1dl syrup
2dl sugar
150gr butter
1egg + half
1 teaspoon of cinammon
1teaspoon of carnation
1teaspoon of ginger



-Ask children to read the recipe, identify the ingredients and let them smell the spieces and guess which one it is.

-Provide the children with a measuring cup so they are able to self-measure all the ingredients.


-Put the syrup in a little pot and and heat it until it boils. Ask children: “How can we know when the syrup is boiling?”. Draw their attention to the little bubbles.

-Add the sugar, the butter, and the soda, the flour, the eggs and the spices.
-Stir until you get a dough, still a little sticky e put it in a bowl.
-Knead and adding the flour , try to get a smooth rounded ball. Use and enphasize the words squeeze and squash.

Alice Danesin cooking workshop grinch cookies 2

Alice Danesin cooking workshop Grinch Cookies

-Put the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes
-Take the dough, divide it depending on how many children there are and provide them with a rolling pin to spread out the dough. Add as much flour as needed.

-Using the cookie cutters, shape out the cookies and work on the names of the animals and Xmas characters such as: Santa, Xmas tree, snowman, moose, reindeer, star, heart,etc. Ask them: “Which shape are you using? What are you making? Is it big, small, think, thick, sticky? Which is you favorite shape?”



-Then, you lay the cookies on baker paper and put it in the oven. 20 minutes, 180°
-Cookies are ready to be eaten in..5 minutes.



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