Stick Man

I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man!

For sure, he was. And little by little he was becoming the best-loved character for our children. We decided to start our very first day of the Christmas Happy Camp with this wonderful and engaging story written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by the hand of Axel Scheffler. You will find your children having fun and enjoying were following the unfortunate adventures of Stick Man in his attempt to be back in time in the family tree for Christmas.



But you might be wondering, what is the difference between a stick and a Stick Man? In order to introduce our character, we put two sticks under a cloth: a normal one and one with wiggle eyes. We asked the children firstly, to touch and guess what could be under the cloth. Then, we took both and we asked them to spot the differences.


Being our first day, we had our focus on evaluating which vocabulary they already knew. This is a key point in order to adjust the proper level to the group, and plan the next days according to that. We did this when we were pre-teaching some specific words from the story that you can download here. Later, we went through a super game just to practice a little with the new words: “Touch and disappear“, using just the flashcards and the children had really great fun.


We read the book and soon, the children started to get familiar to the repetitive refrains that appear in the story. We invited them to join in with chunks such as: “I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, that’s me, and I want to go home to the family tree”, “Stick Man, oh Stick Man, beware of…”. Also, we  made some breaks in the story to remind all the moments that Stick Man needed to beware of and bring back the vocabulary related to that.


In order to get moving and go through the next activity, we hid some sticks around the house and we asked them to find as many sticks as they could.


With those sticks, we went to our Arts&Crafts area to make our own Stick Man. There it was boxes full of recyclable materials (wrapping paper, buttons, threads, ropes, fabrics…).


When doing this activity, language plays an essential role. Children are receiving it in a natural context. And it is the best way to learn expressions, vocabulary, and grammatical strctures at the same time as they communicate with a specific purpose. From this point of view, we were producing sentences as Can you pass me the scissors, please? Can you give me the red marker please? Thank you, You are welcome… Also, we were descriving their productions introducing new vocabulary as colors, materials, sizes, clothes, parts of the body… To see the children productions and read more about it, click here.


After having receiving enough inputs, it was time to try out how much language they could produce. We made a circle and each of us were presenting our own Stick Man and describing how we made it. They were enjoying that much, that we came up with the idea of making a fashion show. We put the camera recording and some music and one by one were coming closer to the camera and describing in front of it something about their Stick Man.

As we expected, they asked us to watch it and we thought it was a fantastic idea. They were engaged, they wanted to participate in creating a wonderful experience and without realizing… they were going to hear themselves producing English!!! By clicking here you could find out how beautiful productions they made.


We watch the cartoons after lunch. They knew already the story, and, in this specific case, the language is exactly the same as the one provided in the book. Because of that, we gave them a challenge to make them focus on language in a deeper way: at the end of the story they had to count how many uses of a stick they could remember. Find the movie here.


Following up the immediate last activity, we asked the student to think new ways to use a Stick Man. For this, we gave them a paper were they could practice their writing skills or drawing for the little ones. The aim wasn’t to improve writing skills but to personalize the day, to give suggestions and their own ideas to the story and moreover, develop CREATIVITY.

Here you could find the Worksheet and one of our children’s example, full of new ideas that, either you and me, we could’t have never come to think!



This activity wasn’t planned at all, but they were so much into it, that they asked us if “please, can we tell the story again?” We suggest them that instead of us, one of them could read the story and the rest could perform the characters with our real Stick Man. At the beginnig each of us had a role but then, they started to perform all the characters. And it was really fun!



To close up, we gave them free time to explore and prepare some Christmas decoration with natural matirials (as stones, leaves, sticks…) to hang around in our Arts&Crafts room. What they didn’t know at that point is that all the decoration was going to be part of our common project… But that’s a secret until tomorrow…

See you in the next post!

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